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Building and Using an Ass-Kicking Dividend Model

I wish you could see me on a good day. Preamble I'm working with some new features in INVRS that makes it easier to screen using custom investment models.  I'm looking through the whole Canadian universe for kick-ass dividend stocks and I'm using the following metrics: Years of consecutive dividend growth (I set a minimum of eight for this analysis), Dividend coverage, Value relative to historical dividend yield. and Total return (defined as projected dividend yield plus projected dividend growth). My initial screen is a dividend yield greater than 3%.  There were several hundred and I winnowed these down by running an analysis that extracted the companies that had increased their dividends per share every year for at least the past eight years. And this is where we begin... Constructing the Template for Year Over Year Dividend Growth To construct this model I selected eight years of dividend per share data, then wrote if(A>B,0,1) eight times, just chan