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Five Good Canadian Dividend Stocks

Five Good Canadian Dividend Stocks Analysis Methodology Refer to the blog post of November 27, 2019 for a description of the method used. Candidates As of November 27, 2019, the following companies from the universe of all TSX stocks have a dividend yield between  3.54% and 11.80%  and have increased their dividend consecutively for at least five years: AI AQN BCE CGX CM CPX CU.X CUP.U EIF ENF FCD.UN INE IPL LB MFC NA PEGI PPL RY T TCL.A TCL.B TD UNS Analysis Dividend Coverage We're looking for companies with positive coverage and less than 75%. Possible companies include: RY TCL.A TCL.B NA UNS MFC Valuation We're looking for companies equal to or greater than one. Possible companies include: UNS TCL.A TCL.B CGX ENF IPL LB CU.X MFC CM TD T PPL RY BCE Total Return We're going to use a sweet spot criteria of greater than 10% and less than 20%.  Companies include: AQN ENF MFC IPL CU.X TD TCL.A T

Dividend Analysis Framework

Dividend Analysis Framework Using INVRS A dividend investing framework for creating passive income. A complete dividend analysis can be easily conducted in INVRS.  Some set up is required, but once complete you can run the analysis at will, with only small tweaks necessary to reflect your personal preferences and changing market conditions. 1. Canadian Analysis:  Use INVRS to calculate the current dividend yield of the TSX 60 (average dividend yield of the 60 member stocks).  US analysis: Use INVRS to calculate the average dividend yield of the 500 member stocks. More details: Create a portfolio of the 60 Canadian companies and/or a portfolio of the 500 US Companies.   Create a template using the dividend yield metric of your choice.  Options are Dividend Yield Daily (dividends per share / most recent last close price), Forward Dividend Yield (this is a calculation you create - choose the Dividend Rate (most recent dividend multiplied by the number of times the compa

Huntington Ingalls Industries Dividend Analysis

This is a Dividend Analysis on HII Pre-Amble As you may or may not be aware, people can request an analysis on the stock of their choice on INVRS.  Sometimes something very interesting comes of of it and I want to present my finding on the blog.  However, I need to be respectful of the person who requested the stock and give them "alone" time with the information.  In this case, during the period of silence, the company released quarterly earnings which caused the price of the shares to pop approximately $17.  I re-ran all of the analysis components to reflect the new numbers, and the company still has some favourable elements, but the weak points have to be looked out more carefully, especially since the margin of safety is not what it was earlier in the week. Company Background Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. engages in the shipbuilding business. It operates through the following business segments: Ingalls, Newport News, and Technical Solutions. The Ingalls seg