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Omnicell - No Stand-Out Features

No Compelling Hypothesis This analysis was created on December 29, 2018 using closing prices from December 28, 2018 with the goal to determine if there is a viable investment strategy in Omnicell (OMCL). It will be a peer based analysis, evaluating OMCL relative to companies in the same sector and industry and having a market cap within 65% of OMCL and over $950M.  When you subscribe to INVRS you can customize the peer group any way you wish.  Why peer based? It gives the numbers context, you can benchmark and you might find another opportunity.  It provides you with another vital dimension upon which to evaluate your target company.  Once you've established your peer group, you can do analysis on the group as easily as you analyze a single stock.  OMCL and its peer group will be analyzed on six factors: Price momentum, Quality, Growth, Income, Value, Profitability. Each factor calculates several metrics each providing different insight.  For example the profita