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Improving Your Security Analysis and Writing Skills

Your stock is rising in every respect.

Whether you’ve been analyzing stocks for a while and want to improve your skills or you're just getting started, this postl will discuss some simple ideas about how to boost your craft.
It's a two-part answer.  Practice, of course, analyze and write, but also read the work of other people.
On practicing
You’ve probably heard the maxim that practicing for 10,000 hours at anything will make you an expert.  Well today’s the day to start putting in the time.
Below is a strategy that focuses on the process, not the outcome, of meeting your goal.  It's about developing the habit that will carry you to success.  
On the other hand, focusing on the outcome, for example, writing an article a day, might not be possible sometimes.  Circumstances beyond your control can arise and will leave you feeling frustrated.  
However, committing to a process always results in success.  And there are just three simple steps to it.
First, consider what your most important goal is.  Let’s say it’s to become a better analyst and writer.
Next decide what is your best, most productive time of the day.  Morning? After your mid-afternoon work-out?  After everyone goes to bed in the evening?  Figure it out and then use your most productive time of day to reach your most important goal.
Finally make a time commitment – one hour, two hours, three.  Whatever you can do.  Even if it is only a small window, don’t underestimate the psychological boost you’ll get from commitment.
Once you committ, that time is sacred.  Don’t do anything else - no email, no phone, no distractions  Get the support of your family to keep this time to yourself.
On Reading Other People’s Work
We highly recommend reading the work of other people.  In fact, we think you should read as much as you write.
The good news is, you can count a lot of reading towards this.  Reading the work of other investor-analysts is a given, and you can select from multiple platforms and mediums.  But it can be in other areas too.  For example, blogs about good writing.
When you come across an article that you've especially enjoyed, take a moment to observe what the author did.  How did they lay it out? How did they use use white space and images?  How did they get and hold your attention?
Reading can help make you a better writer.
That’s it for now.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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