Sunday, July 22, 2018

Welcome to the INVRS blog!

Welcome to the INVRS blog!  A blog dedicated to publishing the analyses created using the INVRS software.

INVRS investment research software is designed for analysts, bloggers and DIY investors who want full creative control over their analysis process.

We're for people who want to create their own models, regressions and ratios, who want to tweak existing ones or need to be sure what they are using is correct.

INVRS supports peer-based analysis, a method that provides more information than metrics on a single stock.  We help our users stay organized and we help them communicate their investment ideas with graphs, charts and a text editor.

The analyses showcased on this blog are created by our users.

Are you interested in obtaining a free analysis?  Send us your email address and the stock you are interested in.  It'll be yours exclusively for three business days after which we may republish it here or elsewhere.

We look forward to reading you feedback!

Co-founder & CEO

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