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UPS Margin of Safety of 93%

According this Ohlson Clean Surplus valuation model, UPS is under-valued. Its "theoretical" price is $199 (why the quotes? because it's ridiculous to suppose that a model could really give you the true value of a stock, but it can be a useful guideline, ball park or an indication of a margin of safety).

CHRW is also trading with a margin of safety of 43%.

GlaxoSmithKline Scores High in Quality

I created a portfolio of the top pharmaceutical companies trading in the US and ran a quality of earnings analysis on them.  With the highest possible score being nine, GSK scored the best with seven.

Here are the results:

Here's the balance of the companies in the portfolio.  We can see that AZN was the worst at two.

Just for laughs, lets see how GSK and AZN have performed from a price perspective.

Interestingly, AZN has been outperforming GSK. It'll be interesting to say if this trend will continue or if it will, more correctly I believe, reverse.