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Looking for Value, Part 2a) The Industries

I'm looking at the the industries that make up the telecom sector in this phase of this top-down analysis,  .

The INVRS software divides the sector into three industries: wireless, major and specialty.  The sector has close to 500 securities.

When I create a portfolio for analysis, I use the "advanced search" feature on the research dashboard page which gives a list of every publicly company in North American in the particular industry and sector I'm looking at.  I then weed out micro-cap companies and ones not trading on an American exchange (this is a US analysis).  From this smaller list I read the profiles of each company and remove those who operate in a different jurisdiction.

Here are the peer groups:

Major Telecom Peer Group:

Stock Name (Symbol)Last PriceMarket Cap
Verizon Communications Inc.(VZ:XNYS)$52.47216.8027B
AT&T Inc.(T:XNYS)$32.26234.1997B
Shenandoah Telecommunications Company(SHEN:XNAS)$36.001.7841B
Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.(CNSL:XNAS)$11.26802.3040M
BCE Inc. (USA)(BCE:XNYS)$40.5136.3777B
Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.(ALSK:XNAS)$1.7593.0720M
ATN International, Inc.(ATNI:XNAS)$69.981.1167B
Cincinnati Bell Inc.(CBB:XNYS)$11.55490.1838M

Specialty Telecom Peer Group:

Stock Name (Symbol)Last PriceMarket Cap
Windstream Holdings, Inc.(WIN:XNAS)$4.92210.0840M
West Corporation(WSTC:XNAS)$23.501.9639B
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.(ZAYO:XNYS)$37.709.3746B
Vonage Holdings Corp.(VG:XNYS)$13.663.2623B
RigNet, Inc.(RNET:XNAS)$13.30256.2908M
Pareteum Corp(TEUM:XASE)$2.66148.1620M
Straight Path Communications, Inc. Class B(STRP:XASE)$183.372.3411B
ShoreTel, Inc.(SHOR:XNAS)$7.50514.9275M
SigmaBroadband Co.(SGRB:OOTC)$0.351.7587B
New Ulm Telecom, Inc.(NULM:OOTC)$19.99103.2338M
Ooma Inc(OOMA:XNYS)$16.20315.9000M
LICT Corporation(LICT:OOTC)$13900.00282.2256M
Level 3 Communications, Inc.(LVLT:XNYS)$53.6319.3861B
Lumos Networks Corp.(LMOS:XNAS)$17.98430.3693M
Liberty Broadband Corp. Class A(LBRDA:XNAS)$79.0614.3374B
Inteliquent, Inc.(IQNT:XNAS)$22.90788.3096M
IDT Corporation Class B(IDT:XNYS)$5.19128.9923M
General Communication, Inc. Class A(GNCMA:XNAS)$36.281.3043B
General Communication, Inc. Class B(GNCMB:OOTC)$37.651.3535B
GTT Communications, Inc.(GTT:XNYS)$32.801.4717B
FairPoint Communications, Inc.(FRP:XNAS)$15.95434.9053M
Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc.(FSNN:XNAS)$4.29102.3042M
Frontier Communications Corporation(FTR:XNAS)$5.14543.8634M
Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc.(HCOM:XNAS)$28.92336.4876M
Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc.(ENT:XNAS)$2.47224.3826M
Elephant Talk Communications, Inc.(ETAK:XASE)$2.66148.1620M
CenturyLink, Inc.(CTL:XNYS)$21.3823.0612B
Cogent Communications Holdings Inc(CCOI:XNAS)$50.652.3524B

Wireless Peer Group:

Stock Name (Symbol)Last PriceMarket Cap
United States Cellular Corporation(USM:XNYS)$42.833.6834B
Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG(TELDF:OOTC)$4.3913.0583B
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.(TDS:XNYS)$30.003.3600B
T-Mobile US, Inc.(TMUS:XNAS)$64.9855.0527B
SBA Communications Corporation(SBAC:XNAS)$156.1017.9253B
SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited Sponsored ADR(STTFY:OOTC)$5.041.1302B
Sprint Corp.(S:XNYS)$6.0324.1924B
pdvWireless, Inc.(PDVW:XNAS)$32.30467.9511M
ORBCOMM Inc.(ORBC:XNAS)$10.93858.6937M
NII Holdings Inc(NIHD:XNAS)$5.38540.4533M
ICTC Group, Inc.(ICTG:OOTC)$63.2524.2332M
Inmarsat plc Unsponsored ADR(IMASY:OOTC)$7.093.2443B
Intelsat S.A.(I:XNYS)$24.213.3095B
Iridium Communications Inc.(IRDM:XNAS)$19.852.1984B
Globalstar, Inc.(GSAT:XASE)$0.52661.8719M
Far Eastone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Sponsored GDR RegS(FETLF:OOTC)$39.018.4742B
Cellcom Israel Ltd.(CEL:XNYS)$5.71576.9240M
America Movil SAB de CV Sponsored ADR Class L(AMX:XNYS)$16.5537.1561B
Spok Holdings, Inc.(SPOK:XNAS)$15.40299.8726M
Gogo Inc.(GOGO:XNAS)$4.26372.1165M

The next step is to analyze each industry to determine which one(s) I want to look at.  That will be in Part 2 b) tomorrow.


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